Tellurian Time is Edreoll's method of measuring time. It is not scaled to real life, and consists of several units similar to Earth's seconds, hours, days, seasons, years, and millennia.

Tellurian Syntax is represented in a numerical value between [] to [999.3.19.9:999]. The numbers that are separated by the dots are the different units of Tellurian Time. These numbers are Tura, Saesa, Doura, Etra, and Nauna, respectively. Milla is not represented in the syntax.

1,000 Nauna equals 1 Etra
10 Etra equals 1 Doura
20 Doura equals 1 Saesa
4 Saesa equals 1 Tura
1,000 Tura equals 1 Milla

One Nauna is the same as one second in real time. If we use this as a base, we can calculate how long each unit of time in Edreoll is. A full Tura (year) in Edreoll is about 9.26 days, or a little over a week. However, because it is not proportional to the actual time and day of the real world, time can stand still if the game's server is either paused or shut down.

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