The class circle of Study is the player's first step forward. Not only do players keep their strengths as a Traveler, but those who advance can learn a new variety of broad skills that are loosely based on a particular class genre. The three class genres are Fighter, Spellcaster, and Ranger.

Fighters are mostly melee, front-line type players. Their skills involve hand-to-hand and weapon-based combat. However, Fighters are given the gift of using Magic, though limited to their element and its compliment.

Spellcasters are pure Magic-type users who rely on their ability to generate Elemental Spells. Their place is near the back of the party, as they can use both destructive and restorative abilities.

Rangers are the long-range attackers who use distance to their advantage. Rangers know slightly more Elemental Magic than Fighters, though still limited to their own element and its compliment. Rangers are a great starting point for players who are not yet acquainted with Edreoll.

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