Stats are the governing attributes of a player. Each player has six defined stats to work with:

Life (LP)
Ability (AP)

Strength (STR)
Mind (MND)
Agility (AGI)
Armor (ARM)

Life :: The vitality of a player. When this is depleted, the player is transformed into a Spirit form, not allowing them to be able to fight any longer. Fortunately, players will be sent to the Spirit Realm and then back to the Physical Realm once they have paid their dues.

Ability :: The energy of the player. This is the stat representing the ABILITY to do something. All "abilities" take AP. when this is depleted, the player no longer has the ability to perform strenuous tasks like this. Keep in mind that conserving AP during missions is very crucial. Do not spend all of it at once!

Strength :: The physical power of the player. This is necessary in melee-type classes.

Mind :: the mental power of the player. This is necessary in more magic-type classes and specialty classes.

Agility :: The quickness of the player. This is necessary in ranged-type and speedy classes.

Armor :: The natural defenses of the player. This also determines the probability of some status ailments being resisted as well as both physical and magical attacks being deflected.

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