Magus Aora: Edreoll is an Online Role-Playing Game (ORPG) based on the works of ZYNKCO's Michael Sonier (Makeii) and Shaun Zatkovich (Tairun). The game is developed using the BYOND engine, and requires users to make a BYOND account and download the software to play Edreoll itself.

Edreoll is the fifth "book" in the seven-book series. Its place in the timeline starts at the Tura (Year) of 16000 and works its way forward as the server's time progresses. Edreoll also uses a heavily-based Elemental system in which players depend on to gain benefits and advantages over challenges.

Magus Aora's name is a play of two words: "Magus" meaning Magic, and "Aora" meaning Fellowship. Together, Magus Aora means "fellowship of Manuarians" (Magic users in Tellurah). In each book, the story tells of a new group of Manuarians who rise forth to destroy The Curse, an unknown antagonist which is an entity without a true form. Its origins are known to come from The Voidal Realm - a network of tunnels bridging the Physical and Spirit Realms together.

In Edreoll, players are encouraged to create characters and live in the world of Tellurah. There, they may socialize with other players, train to become stronger, and possibly shape the way Edreoll's growth takes place. During Edreoll's development, players will be asked to make a choice, which will alter the land and current events in some way that cannot be reversed. When this happens, there will be a set of both positive and negative consequences. For example, players have the option of destroying a town on account of an outbreak of The Curse. If successful, the town would be destroyed, where one was once able to purchase specific items and such. The positive consequence would be that The Curse did not spread, and also that a dungeon will have been discovered which could serve as a new training ground.

Players can construct Aoras (Guilds) of their own. Aoras have benefits for its members if they are leveled up. These can include special items and abilities.

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