The Class Circle of Insight is the first class tier you ever come to. Upon creating a character, they are automatically assumed a Traveler. Traveler is the only class in this tier.

It is assumed a tier because other classes are stacked on top of it when advancing. Though for the higher tiers, traveler is not considered a class (a highest-tier class would not be something like TRRS, but rather RRS). However, Travelers have the option of going on their own path and learning more about the basics.

Traveler Stat Scales

+1.00 Life
+1.00 Ability
+1.00 Strength
+1.00 Mind
+1.00 Agility
+1.00 Armor

Traveler Strengths

Travelers are a basic class everyone starts at. Travelers have all the basic information they need to begin adventuring. The Traveler class was made to be more of a pilgrim than a fighter. They are given the option to learn more about the ways of the Explorer (Tier 1 Traveler), or they can begin their path in Fighter, Spellcaster, or Ranger.

Traveler Weaknesses

Travelers do not excel at much of anything. Advancement of a class is required to become more proficient in skills.

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