Edreoll uses a simplistic control style that is friendly to several types of input. These include keyboards for both desktops and laptops, and also USB game controllers. Players will spend most of the game not using the mouse at all. Edreoll's design was to keep things easy so that players can play without needing to memorize so many hotkeys.

The game's general controls are as follows:

When playing a character:

  • Arrow Keys = Walking
  • Spacebar = Action (or Open)
  • Enter = Same as Spacebar
  • Z/X = Left and Right Handgear
  • C = Magic Ability
  • V = Pick Up
  • ESC = Cancel

When operating the menu:

  • Arrow Keys = Navigate with Cursor
  • Space/Enter = Confirm
  • ESC = Cancel or Go Back

When playing as a character, your handgear and abilities will work differently. You will become accustomed to the way they are used in time.

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